Wednesday, May 24, 2017


      The Republicans have a major Comey problem. Not only is the former FBI Director thoroughly anal-retentive, he’s got fifty IQ points on born-to-the-manor Donald Trump. I won’t bother describing the all-too-devastating tale he’s certain to tell, a tale every minute of which he’s apparently documented. I’d sooner write about a President determined to be rid of Comey, no matter the consequences.

      If I was still writing fiction and this was a thriller, you can be sure that James Comey would be a hunted man, perhaps by an assassin armed with a polonium-filled syringe. Fortunately, we’re living in a free society, one that respects human life and human rights, which leaves only one avenue of assassination open to the Republicans and their con-artist President. They have to assassinate the former Director’s character. No easy task, obviously, but the boys on the far right have managed to present a theory of the case on their websites. In three parts, it goes like this.

      James Comey was a vice-president at Lockheed Martin, the defense contractor, before he was appointed Director of the FBI by Obama. He did very well at his job, earning $6,000,000 in his final year. At the same time, Lockheed Martin regularly donated to the Clinton Foundation. Breitbart, one of the sources for this story, doesn’t even allege that Comey’s duties touched upon Lockheed Martin’s charitable giving, nevertheless….

      In 2013, James Comey became a director and board member of HSBC Bank, which partnered with the Clinton Foundation on several projects. Again, no connection between Comey’s duties and these partnerships has emerged, but….

      Finally, Peter Comey, James Comey’s brother, works for the law firm DLA Piper, which audited the Clinton Foundation’s books. James Comey holds the mortgage on his brother’s home, which proves that….

      Given Comey’s attacks on Hillary at the height of the 2016 campaign, the flimsy charge asserted here reeks of desperation. But it’s still out there, being hawked by Breitbart and ultra-conservative sites like NEWSTARGET, which purports to be about the business of OBLITERATING YOUR SAFE SPACE WITH TRUTH BOMBS, along with Free West Media, Gateway Pundit (Where Hope Finally Made A Comeback), Snopes, The Drudge Report,, WashingtonFeed, StoneColdTruth and dozens more.

      I don’t know a single person who hasn’t, or wouldn’t, laugh at this accusation. Comey in the thrall of the Clintons? Comey as Hilary’s puppet? It’s so stupid that the first time I heard it - from the mouth of a Trump supporter on C-SPAN’s morning call-in show, Washington Journal – I couldn’t resist examining the details.

      The Republican operative, Frank Luntz claims that it’s impossible to overstate the ignorance of the average American voter. But many political scientists (you know, the ones with legitimate credentials who can never be trusted) believe it’s the misinformed, not the uninformed, voter who presents the most difficult challenge to politicians. Any attempt to penetrate the façade of distortions that surround them is generally met with hostility. They will defend their beliefs if pressed, sometimes with violence. That’s why I’ve rejected the approach by Bernie and the progressive wing of the Party. Sure, I’m with them on policy, but this group of Trump voters will not return to the Democratic fold until driven there by Republican policies so abhorrent that they can’t be rationalized. Until then, you’ll find them permanently encamped in TrumpWorld.

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