Tuesday, April 4, 2017


      A few days ago, I did a simple search for “white supremacists supporting Donald Trump.” I expected to uncover five or six fully-committed types, but found dozens instead. A short list follows, only enough to make the point.

Rocky J. Suhayda: head of American Nazi Party: We have a wonderful OPPORTUNITY here, folks, that may never come again at the RIGHT time.”

Andrew Anglin: Runs the Daily Stormer: “The biggest story in the filthy kike media has been a few lines from Melania’s speech which these Jews claim she stole from Monkey Michelle.”

David Duke: the only white supremacist Donald Trump formally disavowed.

Alex Linder: National Alliance (Neo-Nazi group) “Only Trump can turn back the brown tide and white folks know this.”

Don Black: former KKK Grand Dragon: “Trump resonates with many of our people, of course….”

August Kreis III: former Aryan Nations Minister of Information and Propaganda: “I will always hate the Jew.  This government is run by an evil group of people, and please vote for Trump.”

Rachel Prendergast: national organizer for the Rights Party (KKK affiliated): “Trump is one example of the alternative-right candidate Knights Party members and candidates are looking for.”

John Ritzheimer: Anti-Islam strategist who participated in the Oregon Occupation: “We will level and demolish every mosque across this country.” Showed up at Trump rally with a bullhorn.

Gerald DeLemus: Chief of Security for Cliven Bundy: Co-Chair of Veterans for Trump in New Hampshire: “At least Donald Trump is offering a solution. I know who gets my vote.”

Michele Fiore: formally endorsed Trump: “I am not OK with terrorists. I am not OK with Syrian refugees. Just put a piece of brass in their oracular cavity and end their miserable life.”

James Edwards: founder of white supremacist website VDARE.com: “Our people just needed a viable candidate and they’ve identified Trump as that man.”

Brad Griffin: founder of white nationalist website Occidental Dissent: “The signal has gone out to join the Trump campaign and to openly organize in the mainstream….”

Mathew Heimbach: leader of Traditionalist Workers Party: “Hail, Emperor Trump. Hail, victory.”

Richard Spencer: head of the National Policy Institute: “Do you think it’s a coincidence that everybody like me loves Trump and supports him?”

      In answer to the last quote: No, Richard Spencer, I don’t think it’s a coincidence. But I do find it curious.

      The Republican party has been playing the race card for the past 60 years. Understood properly, the party’s anti-immigrant stance falls into place alongside its throw-away-the-key approach to law enforcement and its stance on affirmative action. Whether it’s Willie Horton or a horde of brown-skinned men and women rushing past border guards, the effect is the same on the ordinary voter. But not on the white supremacists who support Don the Con. There was no white-supremacist outpouring for Mitt Romney, John McCain or George W. Bush. Nor has the white supremacist block – all of whom stay in touch through their many, many websites – jumped on the bandstand of mainstream Republicans running for the House or Senate. And for good reason. While Republicans don’t refrain from race-baiting tactics in order to win elections, few Republicans have taken the essential position espoused by white supremacists:  Europeans are inherently superior to Africans, whether by God’s decree as noted in the Bible or by genetic inheritance, and this deficit cannot be overcome.

        My thesis going forward is that Trump, by this strict standard, is a racist, that his fellow travelers have recognized a kinsman, that they look for him to restore white domination of the inferior races, especially the Latino mongrels, the mud people. In posts soon to follow, I expect to prove the point. Remember, you don’t have to be a racist to run a race-based campaign. You need only be a cynic. Donald Trump is not a cynic. Now and in his past, he’s been a committed racist.

Credit where credit is due, I have to thank Mother Jones for its excellent work on this issue.

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