Thursday, March 16, 2017


    Hey Dems, get it right. It's Trumpcare, Trumpcare, Trumpcare, Trumpcare, Trumpcare, Trumpcare, And after that, it's more Trumpcare. Repeat it every time you get within striking distance of a microphone. Why? Beyond the obvious, if you make Don the Con own the legislation, there's a good chance he won't sign it. And if he does, the public, after hearing Trumpcare repeated again and again, will hold Republicans responsible two years from now. But you have to actually say it.

      Yesterday and today, I watched two Democratic House Members, Gene Green of Texas and Marc Pocan of Wisconsin, interviewed on C-SPAN'S morning show, Washington Journal. Accorded more than an hour's airtime between them, Pocan mentioned Trumpcare once and Green not at all.

      Leading me to believe that Democrats are really the wimps Republicans say they are.

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