Friday, May 8, 2015

Life's Not Supposed To Be Fair Rant #1

      Believers get all the breaks. They’re comforted throughout their lives by their faith in a Supreme Being who will come to their aid in a crisis, and who, following their deaths, will reward them for their good behavior while alive. The best news, of course, is that if they’re wrong, they’ll never know it.

      Compare this to the unenviable fate of the atheist. There are no comforts for atheists, no divine interventions, no omnipotent creator to heed their prayers. Instead, they’re offered the prospect of personal extinction. And if the atheists are wrong? Well, if the atheists are wrong, they’ll burn in hell forever. 


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  2. Or is Garrison Keillor recently said in his one-man rant, " if I'd only known I could've been an atheist! "

  3. As a Solomitaeist, i'm happy to see this blog.